Our System

Starting with a simple idea of a 3-D welding table and a few basic modular tooling components, our system has grown into a comprehensive solution through constant innovation over the past 20 years. Our system features over 500- off-the-shelf standard tooling components, including many patented products,for our engineers to choose from when designing modular fixtures. Whether a customer has a specific application in mind or is looking for a fixturing system for general shop use, our engineers will tailor a system to suit.


Bluco welding tables
Benefits of a System Approach
Our fixturing tables are much more than just flat, solid welding surfaces. With a unique hole pattern , they are just one part of an integrated system designed to work seamlessly together. All of our components are designed to work exclusively within our own tight tolerence system. We design the majority of fixtures for customers using off-the-shelf modular pieces, and on occasion, our engineers design a hybrid tool that is part-specific yet still attaches to our system as if it were a modular component. When the final solution is designed based on a customer’s needs, the result is a complete modular system capable of fixturing an unlimited number of future weldments.