Precision Modular Fixturing

Welcome to our website where you'll find helpful information on our precision modular fixturing for welding, machining, assembly and inspection. We are continually updating our website with new products and applications so we invite you to check back often. Though we live in a digital age where information is just a mouse click away, we still pride ourselves on face to face meetings, hands-on demonstrations and personal attention to each and every project. We look forward to working with you on your next fixturing project.

  • Modular Welding Fixtures

    When using modular fixturing from Bluco, welders and fabricators benefit from reusable hardened components and precision welding tables that provide time savings and cost reductions.
  • Bluco modular fixtures are designed to be reused over and over on your CNC mills. One system offers infinite fixturing options without the expense or delays of dedicated fixtures.

    Modular Machining Fixtures

  • These modular workstations are available in both standard and mobile versions. They are ideal for welding, grinding, clamping, cutting, assembly, measuring, gluing and inspection.

    Modular Workstation Fixtures

  • Modular Rollover Fixtures

    Bluco's engineers can spec out your next manual rotating positioner with either modular tooling or dedicated weld fixtures between the head and tailstock.


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